Working with Mary has been described as doing an Emotional Intelligence Leadership MBA.

Specializing in working with political, business and spiritual leaders across the globe, Mary’s work is a powerful instrument in promoting positive, sustainable social development whether with an individual or a country.

With a career that has seen her work with leaders from the World Bank, European Union, OECD, United Nations, the military, top level politicians, diplomats, CEO’s, boards, executive teams, whole system organizational development teams and carefully selected, high potential, emerging leaders, Mary has an uncanny ability to produce work that is dynamic, inclusive, inspiring and has an extraordinary impact.

Mary truly is a citizen of the world, having worked with leaders from Myanmar, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Sweden, America, UK, Europe, Iceland, Burundi, Sudan, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands to name but a few.

and experience

Full Circle Group – Asia Pacific

The Leadership Circle, Accredited Facilitator, Whole System Leadership Development Facilitator – Asia Pacific

High Potential Leadership Program
Harvard University – USA

Process Work Leadership, World Work, Deep Dialogue and Conflict, Resolution Programs – USA, Australia, Greece

Master International Facilitator, Trainer & Practitioner, NLP and Time Line Therapy – USA, Australia

Role of Economic Actors in Post War Conflict Prevention and Dialogue and Mediation Resource Facilitator, Folke Bernadotte Academy, Sweden

Art of Hosting, Collective Leadership – Australia

Australian Institute of Company Directors

Accredited Strength Deployment Inventory™ Facilitator

The Richards Trauma Process Practitioner

Graduate, Anthony Robbins Mastery University  – USA

The Flourish Initiative, Femme Q, Leading with Grace and Resilience – UK, Australia

Member – St. James Ethics Centre

Former nurse and midwife

What others say about Mary’s work

Mary is an inspiration to many people all over the planet. She enables people to magnify their vision, and helps equip them with the skills to carry forward their dreams. In her work with me on The Business Plan for Peace, she consistently sees the positive picture, and the big picture. Coupled with that perspective, she concentrates on the detail, and thinks laterally as to who could do what, and how. She is a joy to work with.

Dr Scilla Elworthy
United Kingdom

Working with Mary as she skilfully guided me through a life-changing Executive Leadership Development Programme was a privilege. Mary provided a bench under a huge tree where I could sit, reflect, and get clarity on what to do next.  She accompanied me as I found new inspiration and discovered old truths about myself and others. Her focus on values and her encouragement to discover how to align my future path to these values was invaluable.

Chris Spies
Founder and Director of Dynamic Stability Consultancy
South Africa

Mary’s book, The Final Act of Grace is a very, very powerful story, which will enlighten the whole matter of dying, death, grieving and falling in love.

See more about
The Final Act of Grace here

Professor David Cadman
United Kingdom

Recent Projects

Co-Construct Alive,
Leadership Program

Co-Construct Alive is a comprehensive and innovative leadership program designed to shift leadership beyond the limiting model of competition and into whole system collaboration.

This 5-month program had three concurrent streams; large group forums, optional coaching, and a web-based pre and post forum leadership development program.

By collaborating with the cohort, prototyping and modelling the framework, this program achieved a 99.8% attendance rate with 95% of attendees accessing optional coaching leadership support.

Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies –  Cambodia, Organizational Growth and Leadership Program

With Mary at the helm, Impact Solutions International has had a long-term partnership with the Cambodian based Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS) to support the organization’s growth and development as well as facilitating the growth of senior leaders across the Asiatic region.

This work has included Executive Leadership and Team Development, including Leadership Mentoring, Coaching and 360 Degree Leadership Feedback.

For several years Impact Solutions have been guest lecturers for CPCS’s Applied Conflict Transformation Studies (ACTS) Master’s Programme.

Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies – Cambodia, Transformational Peace Leaders Program

In addition to organizational development, Mary has travelled across the Asiatic region delivering a core leadership module within the CPCS’s Peace Leadership Program. During this delivery she’s worked with key leaders from Myanmar, China, Cambodia, The Philippines, Malaysia and Sri Lanka in sectors including the Military, top levels of Government, Education, the Judiciary System, Religious organisations – across all faiths, the Diplomatic Corp, Armed and Not-for-profit groups.

The Inner Path of Leadership and Collaboration

“Who we are as leaders, how we serve life, has a direct impact on our ability to collaborate for a future of new possibility. One of our recent leadership programs with 22 leaders focused on co-construction and collaboration for leadership excellence. This program highlighted the key points from the attached article and challenged a new way of “being” and interacting within the organisation.

We explored what was possible when the group sat in deep presence and listened, to them self and others, and when they engaged in this way new concepts and ideas of “doing” rose.

We wonder what would happen if all business leaders did this… the possibilities are endless!”

Various Organizations,
One-on-One coaching

With Mary at the helm, Impact Solutions International has been coaching leaders since the mid 1990s. This form of leadership development is often centered around organisational development including strategy, development of the creative leadership competencies, or assisting leaders to navigate complex issues more effectively.

Over the past few years Mary has worked one-on-one with leaders from the United Kingdom, Germany, Myanmar, Cambodia, Australia, and Sweden. She has worked with CEO’s, Chairpeople, C Suite Leaders, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, professionals from all walks of life and Peace Leaders to name but a few.

Every coaching is different and so is Mary’s mode of delivery. Most clients transition into long-term relationships which we believe is a reflection of the value that they gain.

We explored what was possible when the group sat in deep presence and listened, to them self and others, and when they engaged in this way new concepts and ideas of “doing” rose.

We wonder what would happen if all business leaders did this… the possibilities are endless!”

Various Organizations,
Executive Leadership Development Program

All great leaders have trusted mentors and support. Impact Solutions International’s Executive Leadership Development Program is a highly tailored individual leadership program which normally extends over a 6-month period. This program is exclusive, highly personal and reserved for those leaders who are at the top of their field.  We guarantee confidence during this program and we will never share the fact that we have worked to support leaders or organizations in their leadership journey.

Mary is at once a very safe and grounding presence, zen, all light and love and equally she is the best FUN! Her laughter, readily there and the kind that comes from deep in your belly is good medicine. After I first worked with her, I once described her to my friend as a priestess in pumps and pearls. All business and all love. The love is her magic.

Courtnae Dunn – Program Director

Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS)

Various Individuals,
Personal Leadership Development Program

This work is similar to Impact Solution International’s Executive Leadership Development Program but is reserved for those people who have a personal reason for deep growth. The Personal Leadership Development Program follows as similar format to the Executive Leadership Development Program without the intense review, consideration and analaysis of a person’s leadership role. Once again, confidence is guaranteed.

Impact Solutions International,
Master Consultant Training Programs

Over the past few years Mary has run two master training programs. The first one, training to become an Impact Solutions International Master Facilitator, was to expand the reach of Impact Solutions International’s suite of work. This was a 10-day training program which focused on passing over 20+ years of knowledge covering all aspects of the company’s work. This course is by application only. Each attendee must have a minimum of 20 years of personal / professional development to be considered as an applicant. Graduation ensures the right to use all Impact Solutions International’s intellectual property under licence. Mary’s aim, in handing over her work was to bypass the 10 years of learning required to run a successful consultancy.

The second program was to pass on her knowledge about the Executive Leadership and Personal Transformational Program. This program has a process that produces outstanding results time after time. As in her Master Consultant training program, rigorous assessment of each applicant has supported the individual success of each graduate.

Various Organizations,
Conflict Transformation

Conflict is inevitable. It is an opportunity for growth and development and sometimes you need a helping hand to unpack the issues at hand. Impact Solutions International has worked to help unlock deeply ingrained conflicts within many organizations over the years and have travelled the world to learn and grow in their expertise in this area.

No two conflicts are the same which means that no two solutions are the same but some common skills employed in the transformation of conflict include:

• Strength Deployment Inventory – Dr Elias Porters

• Deep Democracy and Process Work – Dr Arny Mindell, Dr Amy Mindell and Dr Max Shubach

• WorldWork – Greece and the USA

• Skills of Presencing – Dr Peter Senge

• Dialogue and Mediation Skills

Mary was a valued resource for several years at the esteemed Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden where she supported international training in Dialogue and Mediation and the Role of the Economic Actor in the Resolution of Violent Conflict.

Author of
The Final Act of Grace

The Final Act of Grace is Mary’s most recent project where she shares her personal account of life, death, love and grief. With courage and candour she delves into the discomfort of our darkest moments, braving our death-phobic culture to take readers on a journey of how to master a peaceful death.

I have worked with Mary Dwyer and her colleagues at Impact Solutions International in a variety of settings over more than a decade. There is no doubt in my mind that I am a much better leader for Mary’s training, coaching and sensitive assistance. I am happy to strongly endorse Mary and her approach to any organisation that has a real commitment to lift the performance of its leaders. Mary provides fantastic value and brings a level of commitment that is rarely found in outside service providers. You will not regret entering into a partnership with Mary.

Don Challen

has 30 years of experience in the public sector, including 17 years as Secretary of the Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance

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