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The mark of a great book (to me) is one that I can not put down and where the rest of the world disappears. I sat down to Mary’s book and did not put it back down until I finished the last page. It completely captured me and left me with a resonance of inspired awe. Quite simply, The Final Act of Grace is a magnificent and courageous piece of writing taking it’s reader on a journey of the human experience. It is poignant, heart-felt and raw as the magic of the story unfolds. While this is very much Mary, Adie and her family’s story, it is a story for us all – exploring our fears around death and the possibility of enlightenment, as Adie so gracefully and beautifully transitions from this world to the next. Adie’s death propels Mary into deep grief and enquiry presenting her with questions around everything from identity, parenting, love, the meaning of life and relationship. Put this on your list of must reads.