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‘Thank you for sharing your experience of death, of the death of your beloved Adie, your ideas around death and love and living.  It was comforting, challenging, inspiring to read. The last couple of deaths I have been privileged enough to witness, to be with, have allowed me to really see the wonder of death, and I’ve been sitting with the words, ‘the miracle of death’, because it really does seem to me to be a miracle. It’s such a comfort and an affirmation to hear someone speak of death with similar language, expressing similar ideas. And having the courage, the will power, to write it down and make it available to the world with the hope that we can move past the fear that currently fills the space around death. I dream of a time when, as a society, we can encounter death, embrace it when the time comes, with love, positivity and maybe even excitement, alongside the sadness and heartbreak.’