Shining A Light On Death is Shining a Light on Life.

A book launch with a difference. 




Mary and Sam invite you to join them in a highly engaging and personal conversation about two contemporary deaths in Australian society.

This is not just book launch. This is dialogue, a ‘talk-with-you’ process. Your questions, your enquiry, your comments will be welcome and given space.

Think of this as an opportunity to ask some of those questions about dying ‘well’ that you might have wondered about or come along a listen to a rich and deep conversation about living well, dying well. 


Who is Mary?

Mary Dwyer is the Founding Director and CEO of Impact Solutions International specialising in large scale cultural change and ethical leadership. She works with business, spiritual and political leaders nationally and internationally. Mary believes that loving kindness is a powerful instrument for the transformation of global leadership. She views herself as a citizen of the world, travelling and working across the globe, but makes her home in Tasmania, Australia. Her first career was as a nurse training at the Launceston General Hospital. Mary went on to specialize in Palliative Care before transitioning into organizational change. To know more about Mary please click here.

With years of experience, both personal and professional, and anecdotes to make you laugh and maybe cry, we invite you to join us in what is planned to be a very rich and memorable book launch. In fact, this launch can be viewed as a conversation about loving, living and dying well.

Bring a friend, bring your good spirit and we look forward to welcoming you on the day.


Thursday 21st November 2019
5.30 – doors open for 6.00pm start


Northern Integrated Care Service, 
41 Frankland Street, Launceston

We are pleased to be supported at this event by Petrarch’s Bookshop.  Books will be available for purchase and Mary will be available to personally sign your copy after at the conclusion of the talk. This is a free community service event sponsored by all participants but tickets are essential for catering purposes. Click here to confirm your attendance.

And … the book?

“When Adrian Beardsley is diagnosed with cancer at age forty-nine, no one can imagine how quickly death will come, nor the challenges it will present. Mary Dwyer details with courage and candour the substance of a marriage, a family, a business partnership, a spiritual journey and how she and her children faced profound loss and grief. This moving memoir of life’s most mysterious experience brings us into the light of an eternal grace.

A companion for the dying, for those losing a loved one, and for all of us wishing to arrive at our own deaths well-prepared.”

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What others Have Said About the Book

‘The mark of a great book (to me) is one that I can not put down and where the rest of the world disappears. I sat down to Mary’s book and did not put it back down until I finished the last page. It completely captured me and left me with a resonance of inspired awe. Quite simply, The Final Act of Grace is a magnificent and courageous piece of writing taking it’s reader on a journey of the human experience. It is poignant, heart-felt and raw as the magic of the story unfolds. While this is very much Mary, Adie and her family’s story, it is a story for us all – exploring our fears around death and the possibility of enlightenment, as Adie so gracefully and beautifully transitions from this world to the next. Adie’s death propels Mary into deep grief and enquiry presenting her with questions around everything from identity, parenting, love, the meaning of life and relationship. Put this on your list of must reads!

Amy Currant. Executive Leadership Coach, Change Agent and Facilitator

‘From the moment I started the book, I could not put it down until I had read the whole thing. When you buy this book, I recommend you get a big cup of tea and cozy blanket and tuck yourself in for a moving and inspirational experience. Mary’s words were like liquid gold weaving their magic of this beautiful story on every page. It is a love story, a unitive story, a story that integrates the joy, grief and mystery of living and dying in the most conscious and beautiful way; and her writing captures the essence of love, celebration, sadness, hope, strength and courage all at the same time. I have taken so much from this book, and have used it to speak about love, life, death to my children in a very different and graceful way. Thank you Mary for sharing your story with the world… what a gift it is for each and every one of us!!’

Gwen Pennington. Executive Leadership Coach. Gwen Pennington Consulting

‘Wow! Mary I just finished the book in two days. I didn’t want to put it down. I love the way you write. I felt connected all the way through. Thank you for sharing this. I loved reading about how you met, what Adie was like as a younger man and how you navigated the highs and lows of your relationship. I also loved the Camino journey and the truly wonderful quotes and poems scattered throughout. You have a true gift.’

Pip Coleman. Author: Finding My Soul at Sea

“Mary, you are one extraordinary woman and your book is a masterpiece.”

Diana Grant, Intensive Care Nurse and Bereavement Counsellor, United Kingdom

‘I stayed in my bedroom all day with your amazing book. So, so much resonated with me. You write so beautifully about such sensitive things that are needed more than anything in our world today…very much how Steiner understands spirit, experience and life forces and well-being. I appreciated your expression very much!’

Chantal De Brauwere. Retired Steiner Teacher

‘Wow, it’s very powerful. I was quite struck by your honesty and rawness. It was indeed an easy read, although difficult at times to really appreciate what you went through. You told a very deep and personal story.’

Michael Spinks. Wealth Creation Advisor

‘I have finished reading your amazing book. It certainly does show the merging and interconnectedness of bliss and death. I was completely absorbed by your time on the walk. Beautiful work Mary.’

 Brett Torossi