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We are many things, but the one thread that ties us all together is that we walk, and we walk together. I suspect there are a few others – our compassion, our care and our desire to make the world a better place by building community and supporting those within it. Have you heard of Walking for Women? It may just speak to something within you…

Walking for Women

We are a community of women from all walks of life. We are joining together as a supportive and co-ordinated network to make a difference to the lives of other women.


We need your help. We need women: beautiful, gorgeous women of all ages who wish to walk and raise funds. We need 100 women who commit to walk 100 kms and raise $1,000 each for a charity that aligns with one of their points of passion. Together we will collectively raise $100,000 for causes associated with helping women rise. Our long-term vision is that this walk is repeated many times. We also need men: great men support women. You can support women to walk, donate to a campaign, become a corporate sponsor or even champion a corporate team.


Please visit Walking for Women for more information, follow us and spread the word on Facebook and Instagram, or check out our Current Campaigns to support them and the women behind them.