Shadow Retreat

The Shadow is that which is unknown to our conscious minds. It is natural and universal, capable of creation and destruction. Working with the Shadow is as much about getting to know the light in yourself as it is about coming to understand the dark. We think it is the most important, transformative work of our time for leaders.  If you would like to put your name down in case we run this again post COVID-19 please send us an email. Chat with us!


Every shadow no matter how deep is threatened by morning light


About Our Retreat

Initially this might sound a little daunting, even scary, however, this retreat is a deeply nurturing process. You will be gently guided through a carefully structured, yet free form process to support you taking a leap into wholehearted living, through your own shadow.

The shadow is disowned parts of ourselves we have little awareness of. Often we are shown glimpses of our shadow when we are triggered by another person – when this happens, we are projecting ourselves onto another and disowning aspects of ourselves we do not know are there or do not want to look at. We learned to do this in childhood to get love and acceptance. The less awareness we have of our shadow tendencies the more we will project them onto other people. 

What’s more, your shadow, often hidden from one’s self, is often obvious to others… painfully so, at times.

Our blind spots/shadow tendencies are simply that which we cannot see, but we will often see in others. Our blind spots live in our shadow. They often prevent us from reaching the connection, success and relationships we desire.

Working with the Shadow is as much about getting to know the light in yourself as it is about coming to understand the dark. The Shadow itself is not what causes harm—rather, it is our refusal to acknowledge the Shadow that leads to destructive behaviour. What we hide from ourselves gains inordinate power to shape our lives in ways we do not see or understand. The only solution is to bring the Shadow to light and awareness. Then we can understand the hidden forces at play in ourselves, in others, and in the world.

By its very nature, your shadow does not want to be revealed. This Shadow Retreat is one that will guide you through the process of illuminating the unconscious forces that drive your life. Both the good and the not so good. Once illuminated, you can engage the power of choice to heal and transform both yourself and the world. The nature of shadow is a behaviour that once might have served you well but, as you grow and develop, so will your shadow.

Once revealed, once let into the light, a shadow cannot stay its course. It has to change… The illumination of bringing the shadow out of the unconscious and into consciousness, by its very nature, transforms the shadow into light. A freedom of creativity is often released. A lightness. A new sense of possibility.

Working with the Shadow is perhaps the most vitally important work of our time. If you are reading this then that in itself means that you are ready for it. You will be loved and nurtured, and any sharing is optional. You will not be judged instead you will be held and guided and lead to choice.

The work is solid.
The journey is inward.

Our Facilitators

Mary Dwyer, our retreat facilitator, brings light to shadow in a gentle yet thorough way. It is not just her study that has helped her design this process. Last year, her own shadow and that of a much-loved mentor caused a big undoing; a rupture in her own life. It was a personally painful leadership journey. After the rupture, Mary embarked on a deeply personal and thorough shadow journey. Process after process helped Mary reveal her own shadow to herself. Both the shadow that lived in the darkness and her golden shadow. And now she has carefully crafted a special Shadow retreat, so you have the opportunity to uncover your own shadow for the sole (or soul) purpose of taking another giant leap into a wholehearted and integral life.

Over the past 25 years, Mary C Dwyer has been working with leaders nationally and internationally. Leaders at the highest levels of office, across a multitude of sectors. A modern leader who advocates new ideas based on a balance of kindness and strength. Mary Dwyer is CEO of Impact Solutions International, specializing in Executive leadership development, conflict transformation and prevention with global, organizational and community experience. Over the past 10 years, Mary has worked in 16 different countries with people from 44 different nationalities. On the Myers Briggs Mary is an INTJ. INTJ’s make-up 2% of the population and are known as extraordinary problem solvers & practical futurists able to understand complex problems.

Kerry Howells, also known as Doctor Gratitude, has been described as Australia’s equivalent of Dr. Bréne Brown. She is extraordinary and her lifelong dedication to University level research in gratitude, including her more recent research into the relationship between resentment and gratitude is revealing and freeing and necessary for all as we step into the arena.

Together Mary and Kerry will weave their magic and shine a light on deep shadow so you shine more brightly. To know more about Kerry please click here.

Unless we do conscious work on it, the shadow is almost always projected: that is, it is neatly laid on someone or something else so we do not have to take responsibility for it.

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Benefits and What to Expect

Benefits of Shadow Work:

Deeper, more connected relationships with self and others

Clearer, more effective communication

Greater self-acceptance, compassion, and awareness

Greater creativity 

Greater capacity for effective leadership

Relinquish destructive behaviors

Break cycles of disruptive behavioral patterns

What to expect from our Retreat:

You will be loved and nurtured 

This is a time for deep reflection

 You will learn to harvest and integrate your shadow

You will be guided to choice

You will let go, to let come

Cost, When and Where:

When: TBA

Friday 28th February – TBA
Saturday 29th February – TBA
Sunday 1st March – TBA

Where: TBA

Cost: TBA 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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