Loving kindness is a powerful instrument in the transformation of humanity.

The world is changing. It’s impossible to ignore. And as this change forges ahead with or without our permission, the most important decision we now face as individuals, leaders and members of communities is how we choose to participate in this change. Today more than ever there is an opportunity for pragmatic idealists to explore, find, and implement solutions to the complex situations faced by our global community; complex situations including cultural change, global conflict, ethical leadership, community management and even our own personal understanding of death and spirituality. The way ahead is challenging. There is hard work to be done, but there is also the opportunity for great transformation. 

I invite you to join me. Saying yes to this transformation means committing to a different way, one that focuses on our intellectual, emotional, and social/spiritual capacity, and ultimately one where all of us will be much more likely to live and die fulfilled, satisfied, in peace and complete.

Mary’s five pillars
of global transformation:

Stop Press: Shining a Light on Your Shadow

A transformational leadership retreat. Raising Your Consciousness as a Leader. What does this mean?

Click below to find out more. This is a special retreat for leaders who are determined to raise thier own consciousness so they can lead agile, ethical, effective businesses, communities and families.


Mary is CEO of Impact Solutions International. Since 1995 Mary has been delivering world-class leadership and organizational development programs in public, private and not-for-profit organisations across multiple sectors. Over the past 10 years Impact Solutions specialized in working with business, spiritual and political leaders in countries emerging out of violent conflict. Her time now is  spent developing the consciousness of leaders in a variety of high quality programs.

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In her award-winning book, The Final Act of Grace, Mary shares her personal account of life, death, love and grief. With courage and candour she delves into discomfort, braving our death-phobic culture to take readers on a journey of how to master a peaceful death.

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Mary C Dwyer is a secular, not-only-for-profit, community of practice seeking a new way to rise to the challenges we all face as a global community. The governing values guiding the Mary C Dwyer FB page and direction are love, compassion, grace, care, kindness and wisdom and the development of human consciousness.

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This retreat is for leaders who are serious about their personal development. People who have already spent time developing their consciousness. It is for those who know that by bringing light and awareness to our own shadow, we develop a  capacity to manage complexity, develop stronger relationships, increasing our ability to influence and ultimately becoming more fulfilled. 

If you are intrigued and ready to explore your Shadow, this retreat might just be for you.

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The book, The Business Plan for Peace – Building a World Without War, published in 2017 demonstrates how 25 tried and tested strategies for preventing war can be scaled up and extended, in order to prevent armed violence worldwide. The response has been so favourable that we have established an organisation and are implementing the different strategic initiatives laid out in the book.

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Clients Mary has worked with include:

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Podcast: The Writing Journey Behind The Final Act of Grace

Podcast Series: The Writing Journey Behind The Final Act of Grace Every two weeks, for the next 12 weeks, we will be releasing a short podcast that relates to Mary's book; The Final Act of Grace. The podcasts will follow a variety of themes. All podcasts have been...

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New Podcast Series coming

New Podcast Series coming

Each week for the next 6 weeks, we will be releasing a new podcast. These will feature a range of topics linked to Love, Life, Leadership and the Spirit of all things. The podcasts were recorded during the launch of the Final Act of Grace. They feature six different...

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During Mary’s time with us, I watched CPCS staff grow into a unified, cohesive team that mutually supports one another in all fields of our work, enhancing our organizational capacity. Her leadership training left me confidant that our team will continued to shine on, building upon the foundation of core values and ultimately pushing the organization to higher standards. There is no doubt that we are a more effective and grounded organization for it. I hope one day she will return to Siem Reap to witness all the good work Impact Solutions International has generated here. Until then, we remain committed to growing and strengthening CPCS on the foundations she has helped us build.

Emma Leslie, Executive Director

Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS) Cambodia

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