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I may Mary and her amazing family as a teenager over 40 years ago. That family was and still is so full of love despite amazing personality and philosophical differences among 9 siblings. Despite knowing Mary for all that time our paths rarely crossed and I have never met Adie, Jack or Ella. The Final Act of Grace is a book about courage as well as grace. Adie’s courage and grace in facing death and being so unselfish about it, Mary’s courage to write this book and the grace her life has become to help others. The courage and grace of Jack and Ella to allow their Mum expose their love and grief is a key ingredient that is essential to the book. At times I cried real tears, laughed out loud, felt anger and joy while reading The Final Act of Grace. It was so enthralling I read it from cover to cover in one sitting. There are lessons in this book for all of us as we face our turn to leave the mortal coil. It might sound trite, but in popular vernacular it’s a ripping yarn.